Same Domain in Different Adsense Account?

Same Domain in Different Adsense Account???


Hi Guys! Is it Possible to add the Same Domain in Two Different Adsense Accounts?

No, it is never possible to add the same domain in two or more Adsense account. Google Adsense has such functionalities to check everything. So when you add a domain that is already Adsense approved with some other Adsense Account and send it to the Adsense team applying for approval, they will easily find it and reject the application.

Can I Add Two Different Domains in the Same Adsense Account?

Of course, you can add as many domains as you want in the same Adsense account, there are no limitations.

Will My Adsense Get Disabled If I Add an Already Approved Domain for Another Approval?

No, not at all. They will just reject it, but not penalize the publisher. But that doesn't mean, that you will be continuing doing the same thing again and again. Instead, you can add one more ad network such as Media .net  to the same site, which is already Adsense approved. This way, you can earn almost double.

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