Check this Before Changing Your Hosting

If I Change My Hosting, Will It Affect My Ranking? 

This is a confusing question to answer. But still, I can tell you that, if the speed is the same for both the hosting ( the previous hosting and the current hosting), then it will not affect your post/blog ranking at all.

Also, if your current hosting plan gives you a better page loading speed, then your post ranking will go higher. Similarly, if the page loads slower, then your ranking will definitely go down. 

So, choose your hosting wisely. And if you are satisfied with the current hosting plans, then just don't change it- specially, don't change your hosting just to save some money. Because, it's true that cheap hosting is never good for blogs. Due to two reasons. 

  1. They will slow down your blog, which in turn will affect your ranking. 

  1. There can be security issues, as your site can be hacked. 

There are some popular hosting service providers available who have been successfully providing web hosting services for years. You can go with them without giving it a single other thought. 

  1. Godaddy 

  2. Siteground 

  3. Namecheap 

  4. Bluehost 

  5. Hostinger 

  6. HostGator 

  7. A2hosting 

  8. Bigrock 

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